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Basic White Bread

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This recipe makes 1 loaf
Water2/3 cup3/4 cup, plus 2 TBSP
Butter1 TBSP2 TBSP
Bread Flour2 cups3 cups
Salt3/4 tsp1 tsp
Sugar1 TBSP4 tsp
Non-fat Dry Milk Powder3 TBSP1/4 cup
Active Dry Yeast1+1/2 tsp2 tsp
Bread Machine Method

Have liquid ingredients at 80º F and all others at room temperature. Place into the pan in the order listed. Select a basic cycle and medium/normal crust. Check dough consistency after 5 minutes of kneading. The dough should be in a soft, tacky ball. If it is dry and stiff, add water, 1/2 to 1 tablespoon at a time. If it is too wet and sticky, add 1 tablespoon of flour at a time. Remove bread when cycle is finished; cool. See our Bread Machine section for more helpful tips and information.




*You can substitute Instant (fast-rising) yeast in place of Active Dry Yeast. When using Instant Yeast, expect your dough to rise faster. Always let your dough rise until ripe. Traditional methods: use equal amounts; Bread Machine: use 1/2 tsp Instant Yeast OR 3/4 tsp Active Dry Yeast per cup of flour in your recipe. Visit our Lessons in Yeast & Baking for more information.


Was Great and I Used Platinum

My husband even commented how good the bread was! I used Platinum Yeast and all bread flour. (normally I substitute some other flour - about 1 cup's worth)

Yummy breads


I baked these breads today... :-) It's the first time ever I baked breads... I was too scared how would it turn out to be. But thanks to your video and information. It has come come too good..... Wish I could post Image too.... I will be making burger, since I had used 5 inch mini loaf trays..... Thank you so much... RED STAR..... I will surely try other recipes confidently now...

Red Star Yeast

Your yeast is the best i have a used and trust it. The price is very good in today's economy. Thanks!



I grind my own grain and use a bread machine. I used 2 kinds of flours [4 cups of hard white wheat and a smaller part 1/2 cup of buckwheat] and for the first time the Platinum Superior Baking Yeast packets came into our only store. My bread was the best ever--for the first time, I might add.

Red Star yeast

The perfect yeast for any type of baking. I use mine in the bread machine, but it worked great by hand too...Keep up the good work. in todays economy, it is wonderful to find a great product and an amazing price. Thanks

I have been cooking and

I have been cooking and baking over thirty years I have tried your Red star yeast,through word of mouth,and I am very,very impressed. No matter if I use my bread maker or my hands,it is always perfect,your recipes ar the BOMB!!! Please keep me informed.. TROY J.

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