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Baking Tips



  •  If making 100% whole wheat bread add 1 teaspoon vital gluten per cup of flour.
  • Lite salt can be used if it has both potassium chloride and sodium.
  • One 1/4 (0.25) ounce packet of dry yeast equals 2+1/4 teaspoons of dry yeast.
  • During the winter or drier months the amount of water may need to be increased.
  • During the warmer or more humid months the amount of water may need to be reduced.
  • Before measuring molasses or honey, oil the measuring spoon to help it run better.
  • Fresh fruit, like blueberries, will add extra liquid. If using fresh fruit in a bagel or bread recipe you will need to reduce the amount of liquid used.
  • Using milk in place of water will produce a softer crust.
  • Olive Oil will prevent the bread from drying out too quickly.
  • DO NOT use "Lite" or tub margarines. If the first ingredient is water, they will not work. The bread will over rise.
  • Be sure to spoon the flour and not dip the measuring cup into the flour. Fill the cup over the top and then level off with a straight edge.
  • Using water that potatoes have been cooked in produces a higher loaf of bread.
  • Always bake in a well pre-heated oven.
  • Use a thermometer when determining your liquid temperatures.